VA Safety and Human Resources Meeting Hosted by Atlantic Bulk Carrier

When: 07/11/2017 10:00 AM, ED Where: Atlantic Bulk Carrier, 1844 Barnetts Rd, Providence Forge, VA 23140



How To Defend A Workers Comp Claim

Like most areas of risk management, the key to effectively managing workers compensation claims is preparation.  It is critical for employers to have good processes in place to investigate and evaluate work place injuries promptly when they occur.  It is also critical for employers to avail themselves of their rights under Virginia law to manage and monitor the medical treatment of injured workers.  This program will provide valuable insight into the investigation and defense of workers compensation claims from two unique perspectives.  First, an experienced insurance adjuster will discuss the investigation and administration of claims from the outset.  Next, Ryan Furgurson, the head of the Workers Compensation group at Setliff & Holland, will discuss the defense of contested claims before the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission.   The presentation will be followed by a boxed lunch and question and answer session.