Peterbilt tractor trailer bulk haluling trucks


Blue Tank Truck with a metal liquid container trailer

Liquid Fleet

Our liquid trailers consist of late-model single and multi-compartment stainless steel insulated tanks that can carry up to 7,000 gallons of product. Once loaded, product temperature will vary no more than plus or minus 5 degrees.

Atlantic Bulk Carrier can transport a wide array of liquids. Unloading options for liquid tanks include the following: straight-round (rear) and double-conical (center). Some of our newest equipment includes air-ride-equipped tanks with pneumatic dump valves on the rear tandems, allowing a greater degree of slope to facilitate unloading.

Blue Tank Truck with a metal dry bulk container trailer

Dry Bulk Fleet

Atlantic Bulk Carrier maintains an up-to-date pneumatic fleet capable of handling a variety of materials, including plastic resins, food-grade materials, cement and other non-corrosive dry products. We also operate vacuum tankers, allowing us to trans-load materials from railcars and boxes.

Our tankers are built to our specifications, ranging in size from 1,000 to 2,100 cubic feet in capacity. Certain tankers have aeration systems and flow cones to enhance product unloading. Aluminum construction maximizes payload on every shipment.

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Products Handled

  • Check Plastic
  • Check Aggregates
  • Check Cement
  • Check Resins
  • Check Lime
  • Check Acids
  • Check Chemicals
Dry Bulk 18 wheel transport truck dropping off heavy material

I have been with Atlantic Bulk now for 27 years. It has been the best trucking job I have ever had. Everyone I had to talk to and work with was a pleasure to work with and still are. I really appreciate the feeling I get when I call in or go by the office. I think 27 years speaks for itself.

Tim HammockABC familiy member since 1997 and million-mile driver