Award-Winning Service; Recognized Safety

“Because of the nature of the job and because of the nature of the commodities that we are transporting, we need to focus our attention on safe operations every day,” said Vice President J. Ward Best, quoted in the October 2015 edition of Business in Focus magazine. “That is a benchmark of the service that we provide. We spend a great deal of time, money and effort on our safety program.”

Atlantic Bulk Carrier has earned a series of awards for its safety efforts. Several customers, including Fortune 500 companies, have recognized Atlantic Bulk for outstanding performance and safety. The Virginia and South Carolina trucking associations have each awarded Atlantic Bulk for its safety record and the National Tank Truck Carriers Association has recognized Atlantic Bulk Carrier no fewer than 10 times during the past 15 years for its commitment to safe operations.

Atlantic Bulk Carrier has also earned recognition from two separate insurance carriers. Great West Casualty Company has presented Atlantic Bulk with its highest recognitions for personnel and vehicle safety. The Raffles Insurance Captive presented its highest fleet safety award to Atlantic Bulk and recognized Best as its Risk Control Manager of the year.

“I brag upon my drivers anywhere and everywhere I go. They do a fantastic job,” Best said. “I will put my guys up against anybody in the industry.”

ABC Safety Program

  • Safety provides a foundation for all our operations
  • Strict Hiring Process
  • Safety and service expectations set at orientation by senior management
  • Safety performance reviewed individually and on an on-going basis
  • Critical safety events monitored in real time by senior management