MVR Release Form

  • I am applying for a position as a tractor-trailer driver with Atlantic Bulk Carrier Corp.

    I understand driving a company vehicle (or my own vehicle, as required) is a requirement of the position I am being considered for and I understand having and maintaining a satisfactory driving record is a condition of my employment. I agree to allow Atlantic Bulk Carrier or its designated agent to check my driving record prior to hire and to check periodically thereafter. I further agree to report to my supervisor immediately any license suspension, moving violations, motor vehicle accidents or any other condition that may affect my ability to drive a company vehicle (or my own vehicle, if I am required to drive it) after I am hired. I agree to obtain a driver's license and any required endorsements prior to hire, if I do not already have those.

    I understand that Atlantic Bulk Carrier will use this information for employment purposes only and will not furnish this information to a third party without my consent.

  • By entering your name in this field you agree to the conditions stated above.